Telephone Collectors International (TCI) (USA)

Telephone Collectors
International (TCI)
Antique Telephone Collectors Association (ATCA) (USA)

Antique Telephone Collectors
Association (ATCA)
Telephone Heritage Group (THG) (UK)

Telephone Heritage Group

Sveriges Telehistoriska SamlarFörening (STSF) (Sweden)

Sveriges Telehistoriska
SamlarFörening (STSF)
German Telephone Collector Association

German Telephone
Collector Association
Telephone Collectors South Africa

Telephone Collectors
South Africa
Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) (New Zealand)

Museum of Transport and
Technology (MOTAT)
(New Zealand)
JKL Museum (USA)
JKL Museum Virtual Tour
JKL Museum (USA)
JKL Museum
Ferrymead Historic Park, Christchurch (New Zealand)

Ferrymead Historic Park,
(New Zealand)
Sound and Telecommunications Association Australasia

Sound and Telecommunications Association Australasia
Western Australian Historic Telecommunications Society (WAHTS) (Perth, Australia)
Western Australian Historic Telecommunications Society (WAHTS) (Perth, Australia)
Australasian Telephone Collectors Society (ATCS) (Sydney, Brisbane, Australia)
Australasian Telephone
Collectors Society (ATCS)
(Sydney & Brisbane, Australia)
South Australian Telephone Collectors Society (SATCS) (Adelaide, Australia)

South Australian Telephone
Collectors Society (SATCS)
(Adelaide, Australia)
Telephony Document Repository - The TCI Library

Telephony Document Repository - The TCI Library (USA)

~~~~ Telephone Collections ~~~~

Western Australian Collector - John Paskulic
Telephone Collection - Denos Debono (France)
Telephone Collection - Alain Groult (France)
Mike Davis' Telephones (USA)
Mr. Fone (USA)
Telephone Collectors in USA
Les collections de telephones (France)
Sam's Telephone Index (UK)
Japanese Antique Telephones (Japan)
JKL Telephone Collection (USA) - Ericofon Telephone Site (USA)
The Phonedoc - Dave Dockray (Brisbane Australia)
Gary Goff, Telephone Collector (USA)
Bill's Telephones (USA)
English Telephones (UK)
The Telephone Man in Canada
Mainly Bakelite phones Neil Carpenter (UK)
German Collector
French Telephone site
Vince's Cavalcade of Phones (USA)
Chicago's Telecom Expert - Mike Sandman (USA)
Tom's Antique Telephones - Tom Adams (USA)
Martin Benson's Collection (Germany)
Sam Hellas, British Telephone Collector (UK)
Payphones in Germany
Alte Telefone Old Telephones (Germany)

~~~~ Miscellaneous Subjects ~~~~

Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications (USA)
Vintage Radio & Gramophone Club of WA
Post Office Vehicle Club (UK) - History of Teleprinters (USA) - About Telephones
Railway Signalling and Communications (USA)
James Cunningham Coachbuilder (USA)
Danish Collector of Telephones and Motorbikes
Photos - all sorts Includes telephone photos
Toy and Railway Museum Leura, NSW (Australia)
Yesterday's Office - The modern office (USA)
Long Line Website (USA)
Project Gutenberg Cyclopedia
American Telephone Archive (USA)
The Telephone Sign Gallery (USA)
Catalogues & Books (USA)
Kellogg Resource Page (USA)
Old Radio Restoration (UK)
Gerard's Radio Corner (Netherlands)
Portsdown Semaphore Telegraph (UK)
The Telegraph Office (USA)
Telephone & Switchboard models (Sweden)
For the Morse Enthusiast
Lady Telephone & Insulator Collector (USA)
Military Phones in the USA
Old Telephones as Entertainment
Antique Wireless Association (USA)
Red Telephone Kiosks of Britain (UK)
British Telephone Boxes (Kiosks)
Phone Pages (UK)
Telephone, Power and other Poles (USA)
Parts for repro No 6 Dry Cells (USA)

~~~~ Telephones and Parts For Sale ~~~~

Telephones Lines (Malcolm Percival UK)
Old English Telephones For Sale (UK)
Parts for repro No 6 Dry Cells (USA)
Links for Old Telephones and Parts (USA)
Steve Hilsz's Telephone Repair (USA)
Phoneco - Old Telephones and Parts (USA)
The Old Telephone Man - R. Wiltfong (USA)
Supplier of Old Telephone Parts (USA)
Parts for Old Telephone Restoration (USA)
Bakelite Telephones for sale in the UK
Soniarus Vintage Telephones (Wales)
Telephone Parts - Old Telephone Man (USA)
Adverts for Railway Phones (UK)
Bluetooth Ericofon - Santiago Quijano (USA)

~~~~ Telephone Museums ~~~~

Dobsina Mobile Phone Museum (Slovakia)
New Hampshire Telephone Museum (USA)
Montrose Historical & Telephone Museum (USA)
Historic Pictures from JKL Museum (USA)
Automatic Exchanges in Australia (Australia)
Post Museum, Budapest (Hungary)
Data Communications Technology Museum (USA)
A.S. Popov Central Museum, St. Petersburg (Russia)
Office Communications Equipment (USA)
Telephone Museum at Milton Keynes (UK)
Telephone History Museum in Moscow
PTT Museum, Denmark
Telephone Exchange Pictures (Australia)
Telekom Serviss Museum (Latvia)
Old Telephone Museum (Germany)
Vienna Telephone Museum

Creatures of Thought Series

The author is a software engineer in Colorado, USA. Once upon a time he studied the history of science and technology, and wrote a thesis on the “information utility” vision that was ultimately superseded by the personal computer.
By what inept logic must we bow to our creation if it be a machine, and spurn it as “unreal” if it happens to be a painting or a poem? The machine is just as much a creature of thought as the poem: the poem is as much a fact of reality as the machine.

Communications and the Computer

An Expeditious Method of Conveying Intelligence
Far Writer
The Entrepreneurs
The Relay
The Speaking Telegraph
Only Connected
Lost Generation: The Relay Computers
The Electronic Age
The Electronic Computer Pt 1 - Prologue
The Electronic Computer Pt 2 - Colossus
The Electronic Computer Pt 3 - Eniac
The Electronic Computer Pt 4 - The Electronic Revolution
The Transistor Pt 1 - Groping in the Dark
The Transistor Pt 2 - Out of the Crucible
The Transistor Pt 3 - Endless Reinvention
The Switch - Introduction
The Backbone - Introduction
One System - Universal Service?
The Unraveling Pt 1
Discovering Interactivity
Extending Interactivity
The Unraveling Pt 2
ARPLANET, Part 1: The Inception
ARPLANET, Part 2: The Packet
ARPLANET, Part 3: The Subnet
The Computer as a Communication Device
Tangent: The Automated Dungeon Master
The Era of Fragmentation, Part 1: Load Factor
The Era of Fragmentation, Part 2: Sowing the Wasteland
The Era of Fragmentation, Part 3: The Statists
The Era of Fragmentation, Part 4: The Anarchists
Internet Ascendant, Part 1: Exponential Growth
Internet Ascendant, Part 2: Going Private and Going Public
The Backbone: Conclusion

The Age of Steam

The Age of Steam - Introduction
The Weight of Air
The Pumping Engine
The Triumvirate: Coal, Iron, and Steam
James Watt, Instrument Maker
The Steam Revolution
The Steamboat Inventors: The First Generation
The Steamboat Inventors: The Second Generation

~~~~ History of Communications and People ~~~~

History of the Mobile Phone (UK)
The Exchange Project (Australia)
The History of Ericssons (Sweden)
History of Communication Through Morse Code (USA)
Telephone World (USA)
Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers (USA)
AT&T Archives (Videos) (USA)
Communications Nostalgia (USA)
History of Communication Links (USA)
History of the Atlantic Cable (USA)
Western Electric History (USA)
Short history of telephone numbers (Russia)
About Telephone Switches (USA)
Alberta Telephone Heritage (Canada)
Telephone History Group Denver, Colorado (USA)
Telephone Tribute (USA)
Semaphore Telegraph Station
The Selectophone (USA)
An Overview of ATEA (Belgium)
Charles Todd the Overland Telegraph (Australia)
More on Charles Todd (Australia)
The Hunningscone Transmitter (UK)
Old Telephones and Equipment (Germany)
Telephone Technical Reference (USA)
Bunnell vs. Bunnell
Communications History (UK)
The Telephone on Prince Edward Island
The Telephone File Bob Freshwater (UK)
Telephone History, Helena, Montana (USA)
History of the Blue Bell Telephone Sign (USA)